I wish I could change my daughters DNA alot of the time. Her father is working my last nerve and I wish he would just jump off a bridge and kill himself! Seriously he will put himself out his own misery. No we are not together, which means you cannot dictate what I do with my life, I dont have to answer to you, and you do not control me. The irate telephone calls and text messages are getting extremely OLD. Little does he know that I am not thee one to fuck with, you would have thought he'd would have picked up on that after 4 years, but then again he's dumb and immature. I keeps my eggs in my basket, and I don't let the right hand know what the left hand is doing....EVER! Call it sneaky, I call it smart. I save EVERYTHING. I REMEMBER EVERYTHING. Trust me when I say this I am not thee one. As much as I would like to accommodate the relationship between Jordyn and her father, I can no longer put myself through all the bullshit. I am her mother and her father! PERIOD.

*middle finger*

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