sick, love sick, sick && tired of being sick && tired.

At work feeling like shhhat. =o( My throats all scratchy, and burning, slight chest congestion, no major lougies yet, my heads pounding out of control and, my ears are popping, my eyes are stingin. antibiotic & ellegra, please kick in soon.

In the midst of feelin and lookin like crap, inner tourmoil is in high over time.

If someone asks "can I ask you a honest question and receive an honest answer?" and they say yes... but yet they answer the question "I'm not looking to be honest." What the hell is that supposed to mean? Its not soo much that they didn't answer the question, it was the comment made. If you cannot be honest with people in your life that care for you, who can you be honest with?

Yes, for starters you can be honest with God, and yourself, and then everyone else should fall there after right? I dont even want to ask or dig more into the question that was clearly unanswered it is no longer relivent, the underlining issue is they cannot be honest with themselves, therefore they cannot be honest with me. And knowing that, what do I do? Accept the "loop dee loop around the marygold bush" and take the watered down shot of the truth about what's really going on?

Torn. Must be that time again... maken cuts.

someone bring me some HALLS please and thank you.


Brian "Logo" Rivera said...

Really Love the way you put things down. Some people have trouble doing it. Really great.

JeDi said...

brii totally didnt know you blogged, but im watching you.