Life! I had thee most in depth conversation today, I have decided to let go of the past, enjoy the present and embrace the future. I have been saying that for the longest and have yet to practice what I preach. God, is good. He takes one of his angels back and brings another blessing into our lives. Pay attention when he speaks people! Pay attention, HE is trying to tell you something, you have to listen, a lot of times it is not catastrophic but more of a whisper, chirp of a bird, or blow of the wind. All I can say is pay attention.

"it aint real if you can't feel it" simple statement, HUGE impact. left me on HUSH STATUS for literally 5 minutes. all I could do was lift an eyebrow endure realities slap in the face and muster out a shocked "hmmmmm."

flash back!! *insert 5 heart beats for mood setting.*

"a heart is a house for love and I've learned that it dont take much to break a heaaarrtt... you've got to BUILD IT UP ... builllllld it upppp!"

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