touch me

send electrifying chills from the bottom of my soles
to the depth of my soul
every so softly- please? touch me
with your fingertips
tippy toe your way slowly
across my flesh
with every light press
and feather weight release
through your fingertips
release your soul to me
and touch me

with open palm, let it rest upon my chest
listen hard...
can you hear my heart beat?
can you hear its faint cry
screaming out for you?
for you to touch me and
subtract the pain
the strain
the stress
the misery
somehow repair the broken pieces to my heart magically
just touch me

I can feel your heartbeat on my flesh
Just breathe
allow yours to catch up with me
same pace
same place
same time
same rhythm
same rhyme

touch me
re-arrange the pieces where they are supposed to be
touch me
touch me here
touch me there
touch me where no one can see

... now will you allow me?

81708 MACM.JR

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