okay! you can come out now.. go ahead. say it! " You have just been punk'd!"
seriously my entire life has to be a bad episode of punk'd this is soo surreal.
I'll have to fill in the blanks when I can see them clearly myself.
ooOh buddy, today was a bad day. tommorow, I pray tomorrow is better.
I watched you today. I saw, I witnessed, I felt. I watched everything. You slept ALOT, waking up almost every hour on the hour. Movng from the bed, to the cold living room floor, to the couch. You were so restless, yet you could not stay awake. I watched you make an articficial midnight. No lights, no open blinds, or cracked windows, you made it as dark as you could in day light. I watched the tears fall silently down your face. I listened to you ask yourself the same questions over and over and still get no answer. I entruded. I preyed, I listened to your deepest darkest secrets that you shared in confidence with God. I was there, I witnessed, I apologized, I may have tainted your trust in me. Please forgive me. I wanted to hold you, and tell you everything was going to be okay, I wanted to wipe your tears away, I wanted to be there for you; BUT I COULDN'T FIND THE WORDS TO SAY.. nor the voice to say them in. Forgive me for just watching, and not being able to fix all that is broken
- Jedidah.
*yes, this is a letter from me to me.... do you think I am going crazy yet?*

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