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RIP Auntie Chrissy 9-23-08 2:23pm at home.... It's been a battle and you fought it well, 6 weeks my ass you were here for months. My poor Uncle Pete. I'm scared he is next to go, hard headed just like my Daddy. Remember You and Uncle Pete said Ruby can come stay with me if worse comes to worse, I love her, jojo would have a ball with her, but it would be bitter sweet because Uncle Pete will be gone as well. AAhhh I'm so mad with myself for not coming to see you even though you told Dad that you didnt want anyone to see you the way you were, but I just wanted to hug you and kiss you one last time and tell you that I loved you. My heart hurts. I will miss your laugh, I will miss the wine we shared (even though a lot of the times I wasn't of age.) I will miss the scooter, and the lunch dates, and the movies. Remember when we went to see Armeggedeon and I cried the entire movie and the ride home. Trips to San Francisco will NEVER be the same, I can't just drop by and say hello. That makes me sad. I know you are in a better place now, resting peacefully. Please watch over Jordyn and I... we shall meet again.

How much love and life needs to be taken away from me? No one ever stays. I miss you all deeply.

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