candid conversations with a three yr old pt 1

Jordyn. B: "mommy what is fertile?"

Mommy: "fertile?"

Jordyn. B: "yes, fertile! what is thats (yes with an "s")

Mommy: *confused look* "umm fertile is a state.. well its a time where something is ready or at its peak to bring new life."

Jordyn. B: "oh thats fertile. *sighs* okay *smacks lips like she really understood me*

Mommy: " okay, the earth is fertile or can be made fertile so trees and plants can grow."

Jordyn. B: *serious look* "mommy are you fertile?"

Mommy: *surprised* " Am I fertile?.. ugh I better be, I'm only 24, but mommy doesnt want anymore flowers right now you are the only flower I need."

Jordyn. B: *smiles BIG* "cause im mommys baby!" *confused look* mommy am I fertile?"

Mommy: *shocked* "you better not be UNTIL YOUR THIRTY!"

Jordyn. B: *eyes big* "but mommy, I can have a baby in my tummy too and I will be a mommy too like I am for my baby dolls..."

Mommy: *interupts* "no babies until your THIRTY, thats 27 years from now!"

Jordyn. B: *puts up all ten fingers* "this many years?"

Mommy: "tripple that!"

Jordyn. B: "mommy you're soo funny, I love you." BUT I do have a baby in my tummy, his name is baby DOO- DOO (baby doo doo is what her uncle tells her when she has to go number two... jordyn gotta go drop baby doo-doo off at the pool.)

Mommy: *crackin up laughin, because shes killin me with her smart remarks, and quick questions and answers... I taught her well* "I love you shomorrah." *gives kisses and a tickle party*

ends conversation.

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