candid conversations with a three yr old part 2

[actually happened before part one. oh well.]

Jordyn. B: "mommy are you a happy mommy today?"

Mommy: *stops watching tv and pays attention to her and the question just asked* "huh?"

Jordyn. B: "i want you to be a happy mommy and not a mean, or angry or sad mommy okay?"

Mommy: *stunned* "you make mommy happy" *slowly dies inside*

&& at that moment I knew I wasn't doing as good of an "acting" job, as I thought. I was wearing my heart on my sleeve for all to see, and of all people my three year old picked up on it. Can't put nothing past her, she is her mothers daughter, soo much like myself its crazy to digest sometimes. I made that. Without me she would never be. I am soo thankful for her.

It's amazing how smart she is, or a child can be period. So innocent, and pure, until they are tainted by the world.

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