this is me

There is a method to my madness. This is my blog, my thoughts, and my beliefs are this is my life. If you must, humor me, walk a mile in my shoes, better yet take a look at life through my eyes. Oh yeah, I will forewarn you that I have spilt personalities (no I have not been clinically diagnosed, but its the only way I can describe it) I am a being of many layers, have fun trying to peel away at them, trust me it gets old quick. I tire my own self out doing so. I would call them Alias' but that wouldn't be completely correct in its context regarding me so, they are my personalities. There is Jedidah, twenty four year old single mother, sister, daughter, best friend. She is the nurturer, the lover.. the person who you may never get to meet because the other two bitches always want their freakin spot light! She is a writer in her own mind, a photographer in her own eyes and soul searching music lover. She is the girl next door. Then there us Chocolate Chip (Barbie) she comes out from time to time, there is just something about her, so I'm told... I don't really whats so good about her, shes the same person she was 60lbs heavier. Anyway Choco has to have her nails, feet, and hair done on a regular. Lip and eyebrow waxing is a must. She new at wearing dresses and heels but wears them well. So I've been told that there is something about her smile, her eyes, the way she looks INTO you, oh the LIPS we cannot for get the lips can we. Some even get a kick out of a 24 year old who JUST got braces. They think its cute and sexy. Hmm I'm not to sure about that one, but hey to each their own, She's got that "Love Spell" for sure. Looses interest with people who lack substance or who cannot fulfil the void she is trying to fill at the time. She reels them in and spits them out; for her own selfish needs. BUT AS WE KNOW KARMA IS A BITCH. Lastly there is RENEGADE. She doesn't take no shit, speaks her mind when she see fit, and has also started to keep her mouth shut as well. Silence speaks volumes people. Try it sometime. One's best quality can also be their worst. She always has her guard up (THANKS TO THE FAKE ASS FEMALES AND LYING CHEATING MEN). She has anger management issues. Anger is a secondary emotion, it has a funny way of masking the underling issues. She has undergone to 52 weeks worth of court ordered anger management classes which I must say was for the better considering the circumstances. All there intertwined, she is me and I am her. Love me or leave me the hell alone. So shall we begin? Me: completely mentally && emotionally "NEKKED"... this is my form of thearpy.

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i see imma love your blog!...i have some catching up to do!