god is good

yes, it hurts... soo bad.. yet I have this unexplainable joy in my heart right now. I can't expalin it, I dont understand it, I'm just embracing it.

broken heart with a smile on my face. I must be sick... maybe it was broken dreams, or better yet just disappointment. all I know is I was shaken like hell, chest felt like caving in... managed to not have an anxiety attack. && after it was all said and done... I looked at her, and my heart smiled, the tears fell but I was smiling.

I prayed, thanked HIM. "I dont know what your trying to teach me, but I'm open lead me and guide me... thank you for what I have and will receive. thank u thank u thank u."

the joy must come from me seeing the changes I'm maken in life. it feels soo good to notice you have grown, yet the growing pains felt like death at the time.

lessoned learned.

WATCH OUT FOR BRICK WALLS! it hurts like hell to run into one while your too busy lookin over your shoulder.

ill nurse my injury... mend what's left and keep it for me. I now KNOW my worth.. I'm worth a lot. Shame I let myself get lost again... but I always come back harder and stronger. Lifes a game. I'm the OWNER of my team... I continue to cut the disposable players. No traden or replacen, as long as I have my 5 starters we can still play ball.

=) ooyyiiieee buddy. I'm ready time for the emotional rollercoaster... "lovin you was nothing healthy, loving you was never good for me..." Gotta love Jedidah before I can love someone else.

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