I just finished having thee most intense conversation with my friend Zae. It was ridic how much I learned about myself and my present state through him. I was giving him advice that I need to use myself, and I am goin to try my hardest because we all know taking your own advice is easier said than done. Poor Zae I feel for him because I have been in his shoes before and also in his ex's shoes. long story short, he eff'd up subconsciously, didn't show her love and affection and in turn made her insecure about herself, she got fed up and left. And now hes realizing it and draggin his balls across the concrete trying everything to get her back. And im helping him. Totally selling out. I need my coochie coupon revoked cause I gave up all the womanly secrets and hes playings his cards right with my guidance and the tables are slowly turning in his favor. BUT I SWEAR HES GOOD FOR IT ... he is going to make the change for her because hes worth it, and hes going to be consistent without being aggressive and give til his heart wont allow him to give anymore. I told him if after I give him the game plan and secrets and he still messes up im coming to FL and breaking his knee caps off! He said I was crazy. Lol. I said I just have been where you are (still floating there) and i have also been where she was so I been on both sides of the fence. Boy o boy karma is a bitch and she is biten my ass hard. Another lessons learned. I totally interrupted the convo out of nowhere and was like "you know what cuts deep?" he asked "what?" I said "when everyone else in the world can see the goodness in you except the one person in the world that you feel it actually matters to, and it hurts to feel like you are not good enough or worth enough for them to give you that second glance better yet another chance." He said, "so true." I truly have some good people in my life and I thank God for them as much as I can, because they teach me when I'm just trying to help. Thank you, Zae ... together we will get her back, and if its meant to be it will be... if its not then you will be that better of a man for the next woman your with, better yet the woman that was designed for you by God, for your rib.

lawwd here I go again, I need to say that to myself in the mirror a few times. Matters of the heart never come easy. If there is anyting worth having in life, its worth the fight.

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