feeling like shit

everything I touch I taint...I spoke too much, too fast, from my past, my present, and sought out to kill subconciously. It's a never ending cycle for me, I realize that. I feel like shit. I shot down his last glimpse of hope and faith he had to hold on, and I was supposed to be his backbone and help him be strong and I killed it and realized way too late, after the words traveled from me to him, I couldn't take them back. THEN I RAN INTO THE BRICK WALL my damnself. Got my own dose of reality, learned soo much in soo little time now I'm left trying to deal. pphhucckk me. dude. I'm sorry. I am sooo sorry.

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ChaoticallyStill said...

the proverbial wall right? you and i are alike in so many ways.. sometimes i think you are my other half my soul mate.. distant lovers friends and so on