*Le sigh*

Que & Dawn make me sick! Oh soo love sick. aaaah lol. Watching last nights episode of Making the Band && a re-run today killed me. I'm soo JELLY. We used to watch it together all the time, he used to say I looked like her ( along with a few other blind people in the world lol), maybe a slight resemblance... but I think he did it cause he knows it makes me all mad.

Haha maybe he just like to see "the wrinkle over her nose when she makes her angry face..." *squinches nose*

God Bless what they have, it is beautiful, may the world not taint what they have. I'm Jelly.


[side note: keep your Dawn comments to yourself! Hmmppph.]

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nessb0o said...

NO! I'm so upset you made me barf in my mouth by posting an actually PICTURE of the monstrositiy!!!!! just for that, YOUR DAWN!!