" You and Jordyn dont act like Mother and Daughter, you act like sisters. She's going to be running you by the time shes five years old." - my mom.

That really hurt my feelings, I couldn't even respond to it, at all. I just stared at her with that " are you effin serious" look on my face. Last time I checked there was not a manual and class designed just for me and my child. Yes, books and classes in general, but not for JORDYN BROOKE ELIZABETH RENFROW!

Yes, she is SPOILED ROTTEN, she didnt get there by myself alone. Yes, she has a strong personality, she got it from myself and her dad. Yes, shes sassy in the mouth, hell shes my chld. Yes, shes hyper all the time, energizer bunny 24/7 she got that from her dad. Yes, shes rough and likes to wrestle and throws temper tantrums when she cant get her way, DUH SHES MY CHILD. Yes, shes UBER SMART AHEAD OF HER AGE! She got that from her father and I.

I really cannot be mad at the way she is because, she is a product of me. Although I can curb her attitude, shush that expressive tongue of hers, and calm her rage when shes passionate about something, BUT ALL OF THESE THINGS WILL MAKE HER STRONG. The world is tough, she will NOT BE BULLIED, SHE WILL NOT BE TALKED INTO DOING DRUGS AND THINGS SHE KNOWS ARE WRONG. Her stubborn ways are a pain in the ass now, but will be good for her when shes older. She never takes no for an answer, and if she does then shell take aother route to get what she wants. If that aint a go getter in training then i dont know what is.

All i can do, is my best. Teach her how to be an indepedent woman, put her trust in GOD, dont depend on NO GUY to help you get through life. I have to teach her to keep something to herself, not to give it all away, to the first boy who says he loves her. I got my work cut out for me, this i know. I got my shot gun and chastity belt on layaway too!

My mom says Jordyn is just like I was when I was her age... that I cant be mad about, at all. My child will be alright in this eff'd up world.


BNyce said...

I can relate!

My grandma used to say the sameee thingss to my mom about me. lol

Pretty much I was spoiled, Mouthy, the Only child, and Hella sassy... shit I still am lol.

I was glade me an my mom were more like bestfriends! As I got older.. It calmed down more an more and I know who my mom was!! If she told me to " shut the hell up", I might of gotten mad... But bet I shut the HELL UP!! lmao.

I mean, Just make sure You as her mom lets her know u are mom and she is the child.. Other then that....Being like friends could be a great thing as long as you put your foot down when it needs to be down ya know! Just balance the 2!

Much love girl.. and she is Beautiful!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

well then u are doing right. i spoil my lil momma too, but i make certain to know we are not friends or brother or sister - so work on that is my suggestion - but u will be fine (and she is adorable)from one single parent to another