I effin LOVE this kid he's so extra-terrestrial.
she took my temperature and then she took my heart

walked away with my medical chart

like "he's crazed"

possibly so, cuz these days break a man down

but how could we know?

i sat here, she sat there

chemicals flowed as i showed a catatonic stare

a fools gaze, heavy are the eyes

that look upon an ill kid, or maybe it's all fugaz

her prognosis, sick boy underlined

with five doses of love potion number nine

i sunk

and felt my heart beating

like oh happy dagger, when is it that we'll start bleeding

or stop

can't deny what i feel

to get well is to get gone, so why the hell heal

*sigh* he sooo DOPE.


nikkiblanco said...

he is dope... who is Bobby?

bkashawna said...

yea dude got nice style.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

happy nappy holidays.

Juice said...


Beau said...

i been trying to find out the name of the track for like 2 years...

a friend who i've lost touch with put it on a mix he made and your post is the only one i could find on the internet mentioning the lyrics...

I think MC bobby is the one wrote the lyrics you quoted, but there are at least two other emcees on that song who rawk tha beat so sweet too...

please help!!!