7Eleven && the drive by hustle

So I'm getting gas @ 7 Eleven for $2.46 (holla) literally 20 minutes before my shift starts because I'm a procrastinator ! (I live 23ish minutes away from this this patient. *shugs*w.e) Anyway I go inside to pay and there are 2 Asian men parked at pump number 1 and I'm parked at pump number 2. One of the Asian dudes holds the door open for me, BUT cuts me in line to pay. IDK! LOL just stood there and waited my turn. There was a man wearing some off brand ADIDAS sandals (you know the ones I'm talking about) grey knee high socks, plaid shorts && a wife beater. (Hello, its raining outside, mega damp and puddles.) At the time me and the Asian dudes cars were the only ones in the parking lot along with the clerks parked furthest away from the door; so I'm guessing he walked. Off some stuff maybe? MAYBE. Anyway we wait in line while 'crackhead' maybe 'basehead' pays for his purchase of $13.86 in change! Yes pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars all of them. He got like some tobacco products and some chips, scratch lotto tickets and some candy. This is the same late night clerk as always, and I swear she's not thee fastet, she kept messing up counting the change with him. He was on point, I was on point, she was not. Anyway after that million minute transaction, her started shoveling the remainder of his coins back in his plaid pockets, dropping dimes and stuff and not picking them up. He then turns around to the line that went from just him, to me and the Asian dudes to a woman and another man who looked equally doped the fuck out the box and announces to all of us "got to love the astray change." I'm thinking to myself "umm you dont have to lie that was change from the Alahambra water jug." He grabs his bag and leaves. Asian dude says to the clerk "45 on 1". She says,"On 2?" He says, "no 1!" She looks out the window and was like okay. He walks towards the door. She still puts it on 2! I say "no I'm on 2, he's on 1 " and hands her my 10, she's says "oh okay sorry." Does her magic and gets it right. I go outside to pump gas then the fuckery occurs. A green Rav 4 creeps up slow behind me and the Asian dudes while we are pumping gas. I will not lie, I get a lil spooked, but I'm like naaahh we in Marina, right next to police station under all theses damn lights. Nahhhhh. Lol. TELL ME WHY some old school bald headed light skinned black dude pokes his head out the window talking to the Asian dudes and says "My man, I got fish, you need some fish? I got salmon, I got snapper!" The Asian guy said, "No, No" and some other stuff in his native Vietnamese tongue (I recognized, yes I have friends,yes Jordyns cousin Jacob && McKenzie are half Vietnamese and yes, MayLing and them at the spa try to teach me some stuff that I royally eff up everytime!) Anyway, dude dips in the Rav 4 out the parkinglot and I feel my knees get weak. Did this nigga, really try to slang his hustle while conducting a drive by at 10:50ish pm at the 7Eleven gas station to two Vietnamese men at the pump? GTFOH! IS HE SERIOUS? Doesn't he know Asians around here are SEASON FISHERMAN? HELLO! Bet he made no dough tonight. I know Barack said "Yes, we can! to change not to get rich or die trying a black mans a president imma come up regardless scheme!" Smh. Seafoad out the back your car? Anyone who buys that is headed to the ER for food poisoning. I almost died rolling for a good 10 minutes of my 23 minute drive to work. I was late and caught a cramp under my ribs.

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