check your reflection

And again I have come to a point in my life where I must stress[if you cannot be honest with yourself than who can you be honest with?]

First and foremost, God, yourself, then everyone else. Any given relationship between two individuals regardless of the situations,circumstances, or labels cannot function with out communication.

Lack of communication equals an unstable foundation. One can foolishly build hopes and dreams on a faulty foundation and have the audacity to be surprised when the shit plumates from cloud nine to reality.

If you and I cannot express our feelings, joys, pains, frustrations and struggles freely with one another- then what the hell are we doing here? Wasting time. Life is too short, I dont have time to waste.

Newsflash I am not a mind reader. I can't go around assuming I know what someone else thinks and feels. That's a recipe for disaster and downfall. If you dont speak, how will I know. If you dont teach, how will I learn? Flipping the script does nothing but push me away and bring down the walls I put up once I feel like my heart is at jeapordy.

Being honest with me, means being honest with yourself. Maybe your not ready to handle the truth, and maybe I'm fed up with the excuses.

Silence, it speaks volumes. I can't understand how a person can let someone make up their mind about you when you claim its against the grain. Yes, the world, I'm not the world. The world doesn't know you like I do, the world doesn't know you how I want to get to know you and learn you.

*le sigh* I shall continue to moon walk through the abyss with the voices in my head on 'shuffle.'

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Princess Tinybutt said...

oooh. humpf. i needed that.