candid conversations with a 3 yo

-840ish pm. Jordyn.B climbs in my bed to snuggle before I go to work-

Jordyn.B: "Mommy, can I just lay with you for a lilo and watch what your watching cause I don't have no more cartoons on my tv."

Mommy: "Sure" *pulls back the comforter and fox fur* "I'm not watching cartoons though."

Jordyn.B: "Soookay mommy, ill watch what's on your tv."

*fades back to Bridezillas on WeTV. 5 mins pass*

Jordyn.B: "Mommy are you married to my Daddy?"

Mommy: *laughs* "oh no baby, Mommy is not married to your Daddy."

Jordyn.B: *frowns...sad face... tears* "Why you dont wanna be married to my Daddy? You dont like him? You dont wanna be married to US?"

Mommy: *ahhh heart breaks wipes her tears swallows the lump in my throat* "Me and Daddy try to be friends. I know I want YOU, your Mommys baby I'll be married to you forever!"

Jordyn.B: *sniffles* "Okay."

*changes the channel to Noggin and we watch Oswald snuggled together while my heart breaks into a million pieces yet again.*

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