I quit! I am angry with myself for allowing you to get under my skin. I dont let just anyone get under my skin, I'd actually have to care about you somehow and in someway for you to affect me. Ffuuuuuck. What super sucks, is I doubt I get under yours or ever did. You of all people you... you know how I fear of loosing the ones close to me, and how I've lost love three times in thirty days DAMMIT! You know how I worry, you know how I can't sleep, when I'm upset. You know and yet, I feel like you dont care. You should know me, and what I do next, like clockwork- slowly moonwalk my ass behind these walls I let down and communicate through two dixxie cups and some string. After all the vibrations of your voice won't hurt nearly as much as your silence.

the little things && consistency... you forgot already.

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