aims. silent
sk rings. ignore
house phone. off the hook
email. unanswered.
text messages. maybe if your my cousin

tired. your day is my night, my night is your day.i read, read, read, read, peer in peoples windows and observe their human interaction, make up my own mind. watch, watch, watch, flipp channels, watch, listen, listen listen, ipods the double headed sword. think , think , think, worry, worry, worry, should of, could of, would of.

ANGER- dun dun dun ! MiDDLE FiNGERS! EFF you. more sleep, or laying with eyes closed whatever.

no, i dont wanna go shopping.
no, i dont wanna go to sacramento.
no, i mos def dont wanna go down town.
no, i dont want any company.
no, i dont want you dropping by my house un announced fyi: sure fire way to get cussed out.
no, i dont wanna do my hair, or even get dressed. its cold and rainy outside.
no, im not hungry. yes, i am.
yes, aunt flow came long cramping up my abdomen and given me major tude.
yes, Jordyn is sassy and sweet at the same time.
yes, I been in thee house lately, fuck its mine.
yes, i wanna drink it all away but i cant im better than that
no, i dont wanna take the pills no more they make me sick BUT I hurt.

yes- again im under that rock, it's where you can find me, my own artificial midnight. My mom says staying in the dark is detrimential to my sanity, thats the first thing that POW (Prisoners of War) are stripped of, their existence of space and time. I say when its dark and quiet I hear my thoughts alot louder and things become more clear.

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