one step away from you will lead to another step closer to me

Its time for me to go , I get up in silence , one last lonely tear streams down my face, I take one step backwards away from you away from the pain away from the fairly tales of a life happily ever after. Paralyzed by my actions I watch my feet. Another step backwards, and another. I meet your eyes and have no words left to say. My heart is pounding out of my chest, I'm sure you can see it, I know you can hear it. My eyes lock on yours, and I take another step away. Finger tips escaping the grasp, your embrace, the trance you have held over my heart til this day. Another step. One last sigh, one last blink, one last good bye. Another step, this isn't by the force of me- but reality. I was ready to stay in the wonder wonder land we built collectively in our own minds. With each step I take I'm placing all our memories in my heart, because you will always hold a big part. Another step away from that dress, another step away from that ring, another step away from all of our dreams. Those eyes, I will miss. Another step. Those lips I will no longer kiss. Another step. Those arms will no longer keep me warm at night. Another step and my foot prints feel of led, no more falling asleep with you rubbing my head. My feet are in competition with my heart, the faster it beats the faster I feel myself walk away. Another step my eyes still fixated on your past the pretty brown to your core.. Another step away from you leads to another step closer to me. Even though your face is beginning to fade, your presence still lingers and it haunts me. With space and time every step I take away, is another step away from yesterday will comfort me today. An every time I close my eyes I can still see your face. Another step, and I do the unspeakable and suprise me; I turn my back. I turning my back to you. I'm turning my back on all that I ever knew. A single step that transcended into a steady jog. I went from walking to running from you and back to me. Back at square one where the begining of the end shall take place, eventually it shall set me free. Only time will tell and will heal all wounds. I know I will tire myself soon- from running and when I do; finally stop... and take a breath, a distant memory of you and me, a distant memory of that ring, that dress that life happily ever after... a distant memory will be all that is left.

Hello self, oh how I've missed you, you and I -beautiful; we have some catching up to do.


Princess Tinybutt said...

i love your stuff.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

glad the self is back thats what im talking about email me one day and ill send u some short stories from my last book