thee H U G

Chest to chest
Your arms wrapped around my body
My arms wrapped around your neck
Me on tippie toes
You staring into me
Me staring into you
In a tight yet gentle security embrace
Everything around us tuned out
Butterflies in my stomach
Tingles in my body from anticipation
My body heat mixing with yours
Silence speaks loud with no words
Enhaleing your scent that arouses my senses
Guards and walls protecting our hearts are non existent
Tunnel vision from my heart to yours
Thump, thump goes your heart
Silent breathing
Thump, thump goes my heart
Silent screaming
You squeeze tighter
I squeeze tighter
Thump, thump goes your heart
Thump, thump goes mine
Will it come, will it happen in this embrace
Will it happen with you

For a moment in time our hearts will beat as one
Two half souls
Becoming one whole soul
Thump, thump goes our hearts
At the same time
The most beautiful lullaby
... and when it finally happens
I will know for sure I have found my soul mate
If he hasn't passed me by already

What starts as a intimate embrace will lead to a spiritual meeting of my soul mate.
My rib
The introduction to the one God has designed just for me

More than a hug, but a spiritual meeting of our hearts and souls uniting.

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