de telefono

I hate it. I'd rather text, mms, aim, yim, email the hell out of people than talk on the phone for a few reasons: (1) Jordyn Brooke Elizabeth believes that the world revolves around her and the sun rises and set on her pretty little head (wonder where she got that from *shurgs*idk.) (2) I always seem to have a milli things goin on at once. Hey, I'm a mother I learned how to multi-task quick and (3) sometimes I just aint really got shit to say, really. But I will aim, text, or email you thee most random shit that crosses my brain, U L E S S, you are him. Then I just wanna hear your voice; never for too long, just long enough for me to hear you say my name in that specific way that you do. Just long enough to hear your smile in my ear, long enough for something you say to make me giggle, long enough for us to finish one another sentence, or complete it at the same time. JINX. Not long but long enough for your voice on the other end of the receiver to give me a kool-aid grin from ear to ear and jumping jelly beans in my stomach all day. 5 minutes of your time to make my day. I deleted your number cause you never call anyway.

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