deng lil whooadiie (trials of a baby mama)

So my new SK LX came in the mail yesterday, thank you lawd because my other one was sooo DONEZO. I put miles on SK'S. Ahhh my BeHOLD IS ON THEE WAY I'M JUICED. Yes I am one of those people who have more than one phone. I have issues, I get bored BUT I have issues with change, I dont do change well but I played with it for like an hour at the T-HOMo store and I'm sold. It reminds me of my cousins DARE which I damn near nutted over. And all my apps and ringtones were xfrd' over and lookie lookie what I found chillin in my text sent folder. Hmmmm.


please go practice killing yourself & that platoon! lets hope you get it right the first time. call me what u want. I can care less what u think. I shouldn't of even told u half of what was goin on the small portion that I did tell u anyway. should of just let you call. let u make yourself mad. u better hope a check comes in the mail so u have something to talk to jordyn on. if not o well. leave me alone. really go do something with yourself, go catch an STD, inpregnante some chick have a shot gun wedding. and move on with your life. the short one I'm sure u will have. imsoodonewith you. goodbye.

Geezeee. :o( that's mild compared to some of the other verbal bidness I've given the sperm donor. I read it now, and I'm like dood really? You shouldn't have even wasted your time. Hella slacked on changing my number because I didn't want to cut all communication off between the sperm donor and Jordyn. It just didn't feel right. UNTIL I was fed up, he wasn't calling to talk to Jordyn he was calling to talk to me, either to talk shit about me being neglectful as a mother because I bust my ass work 12 plus hr shifts days AND nights and go to school. Please! C'mon now son. Or he's calling talking about he still loves me and wants his family black. NEGATIVE PRIVATE SPERM DONOR NEVER GONNA HAPPEN. I dont understand how you tell someone no, we been there done that we are oil and water we DO NOT MIX and then they wanna dig in their 'bag o feelins' and call u all kinda bitches, cunts, sluts, whores, etc?? And I'm like riiighhhhht, I'm all of that and yet your begging me? Dumb! So most of the time he doesn't even call to talk to Joey, he calls when she's in school or I'm at work. I just stopped answering his calls. VMail treatment tough. FYI I never check my vmail. The texts never stopped so. I told him to call his mom when she watches Jordyn. I changed my number and all is good in the hood with me. I got Jordyn a line and a lil cell and told him he can call that to speak with her. Has he called yet? NEGATIVE! Ooo Jordyn just thought she was when I gave her, her cell. 3.5 yo with a cell... shame BUT THEE SOLUTION AND LESS STRESS. Ughhh hell be home on leave in like 3 weeks. Ughhh.


Jordyn loves the hell out of that man though. Daddy's little girl. Frustrated the living bajeezus out of me that I bust my ass and she's all moody with me and he does nothing but feed her false hope and broken promises but to her, his shit dont stink. Yet! She will form her own opinion of him and he doesn't have to worry about proving anything to me he's going to have a hell of a time proving it to her! She is her mamas baby she dont take no ish! (3 months later and we are still waiting on the package he promised to send her, yet he was bragging about buying a new laptop. Ppfft) Too bad he can't fathom the fact that any success in life WILL NEVER OUT WEIGH A FAILURE AT HOME. HE SIGNED OVER ALL CUSTODY AND RIGHTS... his bad. Now he wanna bump gums about what he's entitled too. Please. SIKE YOUR MIND.

Oooo my fav line ever was "it feels good to know that my child support pays your rent." WTFeezy! Ha! Doesn't even cover my rent. And I make your CSUP for a month in a shift and a half. So please go saddown! The money he sends goes to Jordyn. Anything she needs and wants, she has it. Hair products for mixed kids aint no joke son! She's growing sooo fast out of all her clothes and shoes everytime I turn around. Yiikkess. && no we dont do velcro shoes from walmart. *shurgs* lets just say mom works hard for hers and her and her baby dont walk around lookin like just anything, blame the parental unit they spoiled me.

Moral of my random rant. Drop the dead weight and eliminate stress in your life.

Oo and I'm sick AGAIN. I been sick off and on for almost 3 months. Jordyn and I keep passing germs to one another. Its all those snot nose kids at her school and my patients too. Strep and head cold this time. Hella ghey. I feel like my head is going to explode from the pressure. Thank you lawd no vertigo virus, I had that 3 times this year. :o( all the stress and crazy work hours has my immune system shot and left me all wide open for the germ squad. I got a Flu shot && that made me sick too.

Ahh I watched the last days of Lisa Left Eye Lopes while getting my hair done tonight. I'm still trying to digest what I watched. All I keept saying while watching her documentary was "she knew it was her time" she saw all the signs, went through the motions and prepared herself for eternal life. Beautiful and heart breaking at the same time. The girl who does my hair and her sister kept saying she's 'weird', I disagree, she was highly misunderstood, and was crying out for help and no one could hear. She did what she was sent here to do had God took his angel back. Daaaamn. Soo much. More elaboration and feelings later when I think on it somemore or watch it again.


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Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

dang i feel u, sounds like my daughters mom - but she has an excuse she bipolar - i put up a short story today