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Ever since I can remember, I have had the uge to visit Canada. Why? I'm not so sure, maybe its because everyone drives VW Beetles, the health care is free, the way I giggle everytime I hear a native Canadian say "about." Maybe because two of my favorite childhoold television shows were filmed and based there? DEGRASSI && READY OR NOT!. Hell, I don't know but it's a place I feel like I need to visit in my life time. Mom tells me I should just move there; she says find a West Inidan community and settle in. PFFTT, maybe. My time line of being married by the time I was 25, is clearly out the door, so maybe Canada for my 25th Birthday? Maybe.

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ANGELINA said...

i love degrassi too! and canada isn't all it's cracked up to's really cold. then again, i'm a souther cali girl so anywhere is cold compared to la. life is definitely slower in canada though and there's nothing to do, but the people are nicer.